Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beyond Vegas

After the Las Vegas GUR race, several of us hung around for a couple extra days. This gave us a chance to explore places outside the city.

First stop, Red Rock Canyon. We have to go back and do some long runs and mountain biking in that area next time! Very beautiful.

Hiking up Ice Box Canyon:

Next stop - Trader Joes!

But how will we get all this on the plane??

Monday we drove out to Boulder City to take a tour of the Hoover Dam. A marvel of engineering! We enjoyed exploring the dam, and I enjoyed taking this photo:

The generator room:

The view from INSIDE the dam (well worth the extra money for the full tour):

Even better was the time spent fooling around in the tunnel - someone else in my group has more awesome photos I'm sure (send them to me!):

View from the top of the dam:

Ronda pregnant with a hard hat:

The new bridge (under construction) plus the leaning towers:

Getting hopped up on chocolate before our flight home!

It was a super-fun trip with super-fun friends!

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Rooney said...

congrats on Vegas, Always fun to see the other side of Vegas. Would strongly suggest the downhill biking in Bootleg even Sarah had a blast , thou watch out for seasaw..