Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A day in Telluride

Sometime in the past week (I'm losing track of days), we took a trip over to Telluride. I always enjoy spending time there, even if it is a rather-pricey town. I decided, for some dumb reason, to ride my bike from Red Mountain Pass over Black Bear Pass directly to Telluride. Hmm, maybe it would have been a better idea if the descent wasn't so stupidly difficult. I did get plenty of practice walking my bike down, but I already know how to do that all too well.

Anyway... the scenery was beautiful! And I did some riding on the way up, just not the whole way (not even close), but it was a good workout.

My selfie shots need a lot of work:

Here's a better photo of the waterfalls, without my head in the way:

Near the top of Black Bear Pass (just past where a camera crew was setting up to film a jeep commercial!):

On the other side, looking back at Tricot Peak (I didn't take any photos at the top because some coyotes chose that moment to start howling, which slightly freaked me out):

Down toward the town of Telluride. What you can't see is the ridiculously steep drop that the road takes down the hill (next time I'm HIKING there I'll get some photos):

Bridal Veil Falls, also where the "road" finally becomes a real road:

My feelings about how not-a-mountain biker I was at that moment:

Once in town, I was a lot happier. The library has excellent WiFi, the store has a decent selection of basic produce, and the town was bustling with activity. Sadly, one of our favorite restaurants called Baked in Telluride has burned down :(

On the plus side, Telluride puts on a great Art Walk, and we managed to hit it without even trying! I love a good Art Walk, and I highly recommend the one in Telluride, called First Thursday. So far only Flagstaff has it beat, of the ones I've been to. But I'm always on the lookout for more!

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