Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moab - last day!

Our last day in Moab with Kathy and Bob! :(

We got our money's worth anyway, especially out of the rental 4WD Explorer. We started the day as we started our week - in Arches NP. We were really happy to finally do the hike to Delicate Arch.

Heading up on slickrock:

Playing with the camera:

Bob has conquered an arch!

Yoga with the Arch:

View from an arch:

Making an arch under the Arch:

John has magic feet!

Delicate Arch poses:

McDonald's Arch:

Surfing at the Arch:

The Delicate Arch trail - very cool:

Desert wildlife:

A beryllium sphere:

Taking the 4WD route out of Arches:

Check out the large rock directly in front of the truck:

A couple seconds later:

And a couple seconds after that! Fun!

Then we headed up to Dead Horse Point State Park. The attractive visitor's center:

View down toward the Potash Ponds:

More views - very scenic!

A photo of a photo shoot:

The Colorado River wayyyyy below - and the road we were on several days ago:

We took the 4WD Gemini Bridges road down and stopped for a short hike out to the parallel bridges - very cool! A view of Kathy and Bob from atop one of the bridges:

Bob thinking about taking a dive:

Me: "Make a pose"
Bob: "I'll do whatever John does"
Bob: "Oh crap"

Looking down at the trail below the Bridges:

Yoga on the Gemini Bridges:

Then there was a strong wind!

Sadly, we got back to Moab and read in the newspaper that a guy tried to jump from one bridge to the other, slipped, and fell to his death a few days ago. We were much more careful up there.

Gooney Bird Rock (we decided to rename it Emperor Penguin Rock):

The road down to the highway:

What a great week! We had such fun and saw so many amazing things. Thank you Kathy and Bob!!

Memories at Milts:

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DaveB said...

my feet hurt looking at these pictures. We rappelled off of Gemini bridges during PQ 06. i also distinctly remember penguin rock.