Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moab - day 4

Yesterday was another fabulous day in Moab with Kathy and Bob. We went out to Fisher Towers and made a loop up near the La Sal Mountains.

Here's how we could bring George (our Geo Tracker) along in the summer:

A bit of bouldering in the Big Bend (Utah's version) area...

More my speed:

Desert flowers:

Funky geology around the Fisher Towers:

Yoga on the Rocks (from a distance):

Yoga on the Rocks, John-style:

We stopped in at Red Cliffs Ranch, very pretty location, and they have a film museum (lots of films and commercials have been made in this area):

And we found this on the wall! Cool!

One of our favorites (we had to pick it up yesterday to watch it again!):

Howdy, partner:

John with the crash test dummy that went over the cliff in the Thelma and Louise movie (it seems to be none the worse for the experience):

Yoga with Castle Rock:

Another driving adventure!

Pretty aspens at the higher elevations:

Hmm, I wonder if we took a wrong turn back in Albuquerque:

Pretending we are filming a jeep commercial:

Bob wanted to go off-roading here, but we nixed the idea:

Stay tuned for more Adventures in Moab!

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DaveB said...

cool Pics. Red Cliffs Lodge seems to be the Adventure Race headquarters for most MOAB based races. It was for PQ in 2006.