Friday, May 18, 2012

Special edition mid-week post

Last night I participated in the Corporate Challenge 3.5 mile race in Albany.  Because how many times will I get to do this?  There were thousands (!) of people there, quite unbelievable.  My first mile took 10 minutes with lots of waiting and walking and dodging, it was entertaining.  My next mile took 7.5 minutes, including running a gauntlet though a water stop.  There were still tons of people but I was finally able to (mostly) run my own pace.  Mile 3 - I continued passing people, still a huge crowd but more space to run, including on sidewalks.  My knee got a bit achy at the end but I made it.

Next year I may have to try to start closer to the front...

John took a few photos, the main reason I'm actually writing a post about it.  It was great to see so many people out for a run or walk, and what a beautiful day for it!

I'm the one waving in this picture, on the left side in a yellow shirt about 3 people from crossing under the stairs John was standing on:

Thanks John!  :)

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