Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trails in 3 states and the highest point in CT

Last weekend was a bit rainy and foggy, but not enough to diminish our enthusiasm for running around in the woods.  We had one main quest and a few minor ones, so we drove to the bottom left corner of Massachusetts to get started.

Our first of many border crossings of the day, from Massachusetts back into New York state:

The lighting and my lack of photographer-ability limits how much I can convey of the prettiness of the foliage.  I tried... but trust me, the colors are coming out all over the place.  Autumn can be so lovely in the Northeast.  Even on a foggy day.

No view for you!

Sitting in three states at once!

Reaching even further into three states at once!

Trail marker and some of the leaves that have started falling:

The highest spot in Connecticut - the South Slope of Mount Frissell (on our way up to the top of Mount Frissell - which is in Massachusetts):

Some of the interesting items in the box at the top of the mountain:

The clouds cleared ever so briefly for a look back at the mountain:


Back in Connecticut...

John cleared a lot of brush and limbs off the trails that day... thanks John!

The top of the highest summit in Connecticut - Bear Mountain.  Maybe they built this monument when they thought it was the highest point in the state.

Making friends with Otis:

Scenes along the Appalachian Trail - now we have been on the AT in CT (and crossed from CT into MA on the AT).  Always fun to explore more of that famous hiking path.

Pancakes or mushrooms?

Look, a view!

The map says this "lookout" on Mount Everett is now closed... hmm.  Well, we had to come here because it's almost the highest mountain in the whole world.

We're up to 13 state highpoints and still having fun!

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