Friday, June 7, 2013

My Dad

My father lived a long and happy life as a Peace Corps volunteer, a teacher, a handyman and a carpenter, a Green Mountain Club volunteer, a dance instructor, and most of all as an educator.  In recent years he has braved some health issues head-on, fighting a disease called amyloidosis.  We had many fun get-togethers and trips to make the most of our time.  Things seemed stable until recently when it all took an abrupt downturn.  My Dad was so courageous all the way to the end.  He died peacefully with my also-so-brave Mom by his side.

He leaves a legacy of kindness and caring and helpfulness that I can only attempt to emulate.  We will always remember and love you, Dad.

A celebration of his life with us, everything he shared with many people, in no particular order (obviously not chronological)...

Taking us hiking and exploring:

A snowy winter at the house he built in northern Vermont:

With Mom at the airport:

Visiting the Cathedral of Junk in Austin:

Christmas day:

Clowning around and making funny (and "punny") jokes as usual:

Visiting the Beard Farm in Texas:

Staying active even in the snowy Vermont winters:

He loved to teach kids:

With his mother, Gramma Fiebig, probably getting ready for some pie:

He donated a kidney to his friend Lucy and I went to visit him at the hospital:

Dad and Lucy:

Visiting us in Austin:

A hiking trip:

Trying out a via ferrata course in Grenoble, France:

One of his woodworking trucks:

Dance lessons:

With Jay and Kip in Las Vegas:

At our wedding with Kip and Billi Jo:

My parents visited us in France and we had a great time showing them around:

Dad even agreed to go up for a ride in a small plane to see some amazing views of the Alps:

In Grenoble:

In the French Alps:

Mom and Dad loved to dance wherever there was music and a dance floor:

We were so happy to all meet up on the Big Island of Hawaii for some incredible sightseeing:

Earlier hiking days with Mom:

A family photo in South Dakota - love this one:

Dad made many signs for the Green Mountain Club, so it's great to "run into" Dad whenever we are out hiking on the Long Trail:

Dad doing some Long Trail hiking of his own (at the Canadian border):

Dad helped me, John, and Kip for several days while we ran stages of the Long Trail.  He was so patient in waiting for us at the end of the trail each day.

A rainy day with Jay:

A fun trip to Maine:

Dad taught me how to cross-country ski:

He also helped me (from a distance) build a doghouse for Grete:

Mom and Dad ready to go dancing:

With a tree that Kip and I planted in Austin in their honor:

On top of Mount Mansfield in Vermont:

With Kip at Mount Bonnell in Austin:

The family helping build a wheelchair ramp with the Texas Ramp Project:

Dad designed a bridge for the Green Mountain Club and helped them build it:

Back to earlier years on the trail:

Fond memories of our wedding at the top of Jay Peak:

Miss you lots, Daddy!


Steve Pero said...

Marcy, sorry to hear of your Dad's passing...what a smile in every photo!
For the rest of my days I will think of him when i'm hiking the Long Trail.
Thanks for posting this, life is short, play hard...

sheilar said...

I see so much of your dad in you and Kip. What an amazing, wonderful life. xo

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Marcy! Love you and your family. What an inspiration to us all.