Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Storm King and NJ high point

I'll get started on last weekend's fun in a minute - but first, a couple shots from Tanglewood where we saw "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" in person last Thursday.  Awesome!  Loved every minute of it.  The guest, Emanuel Ax, was so sweet and absolutely hilarious.

It was also wonderful to see Tanglewood again and to be able to show it to John.  Inside the "Shed":

Close up of Peter Sagal on the big screen:

Back to the regularly scheduled weekend...

We started with a visit to Storm King sculpture museum.  We had caught glimpses of it from the highway and wanted to experience it first-hand.

Luke, I am your father...

Thomas Houseago has a big exhibition with many interesting pieces.  Also notable was the yoga class in the background:

Very large tree-like sculpture, impressive:

A view toward the southern fields of the art center:

The requisite "life imitating art" shot:

Another Houseago, sort of a modern Walking Man:

Thumbs up:

Waiting for the tram in a chair made of half dollar coins:

Reaching for the sky...  (Streeter's Endless Column)

Art on the hill:

This is the hull of an Americas Cup sailboat painted by Roy Lichtenstein - love that it is now art on an island at Storm King:

A wonderful stone wall built by Goldsworthy, around the trees and wandering down to the pond:

A kayak made of tires?

Some beautiful stone work by Noguchi:

Taking in the view to the north:

John was particularly interested in how this was constructed (Free Ride Home, by Snelson):

Column topography, inside the museum:

There is so much more to see, and such lovely grounds for exploring.  I highly recommend Storm King Art Center as a wonderful place to visit.

From there, our luck with the weather held for a few more hours as we journeyed to New Jersey to find the high point of the state.  Creatively, it is called "High Point", in High Point State Park.

John dropped me off at the AT parking lot and drove into the park to rest an ankle that is giving him a bit of trouble.  I hiked in a couple miles along the Appalachian Trail (covering another short section of the long, long AT) and met up with him at the monument.

We climbed up the stairs inside the tower for a somewhat clouded-over view of the expanse of countryside around us.  The fog is partly from low clouds and also from the haziness of the windows.

Yeah, not the most photogenic spot for a high point photo:

Back down the stairs...

The view from outside is nicer, although our mugs are still in the frame:

The tall tower of the NJ high point:

#16 in our "highpoints quest" is in the books:

Mom, we have to tell you that this one was quite a bit easier than last weekend...

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