Monday, July 14, 2014

Cathedral Lake hike

Some photos from a hike up to Cathedral Lake (and beyond) last week... it is one beautiful place!

Starting up the trail into the Wilderness:

Wildflowers are blooming!

Climbing above the trees:

Beautiful scenery all around:

There are even flowers amid the rocks:

Cathedral Lake, a lovely spot:

Looking back at the lake as we started up toward Electric Pass:

The trail up into the high valley:

For some reason, the blogger photo uploader insists that this is the right orientation for this picture, so here are some sideways flowers:

Gorgeous Cathedral Peak - and with incredible lighting as the clouds came and went.  I couldn't stop looking at it:

Snack break before climbing up an unnamed 13er:

John checked the register at the top, but still didn't find a name for where we were.  No matter, it was a great place to be!

Selfie with Cathedral Peak:

On the way down, John pointed out a section that had been run over by an avalanche - somehow I missed this on the way up, I guess I was looking at all the amazing scenery around me instead.

Trees sheared off and knocked over...

Columbine among the willows - loving the flowers:

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