Sunday, August 24, 2014

Devils Tower

August has been busy!  We're still taking new photos almost every day, lots of blogging in the wings when I get back to more frequent WiFi.  The main point being that South Dakota has been an awesome sightseeing destination.

But first - we spent a couple days at Devils Tower, WY.  There are a few trails for exploring the park, most of which have views from various directions of the most famous part of the park:

Almost as interesting were the prairie dogs, including the brave ones with burrows near the roadway:

Loved listening to them whistle and watching them watch us:

Back to the trails... it has been a while since we've seen one of these:

The main attraction, from different angles as we walked/ran around it (we saw a few climbers but didn't get any pictures showing their tiny figures in the shadows):

Couldn't resist a shot with Tug and Howie:

Our solar panel has a growth!

A peace pole, very nice.

It was only a slight detour to visit this place, very glad we did!

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