Wednesday, August 27, 2014

South Dakota, pre-rogaine

Some scenes from around South Dakota, mostly taken before the big rogaine event.

We checked out the rogaine practice course and got some idea of the character of the area.  Specifically, roads that end on the map but don't actually end in real life, subtle features that may be hard to distinguish on a 33K:1 map, and things that cling to your pants and gaiters:

We also got a chance, along with Kip, to visit our aunt and uncle who have a wonderful cabin in the Black Hills.  Nice discovery at their place - some candle sconces that our Dad had made!

This looked familiar - not sure how we solved it last year in Puerto Rico, but I couldn't repeat that performance here:

The campsite where we stayed when we visited South Dakota as kids:

Group photo, including Dad who is now spending part of his final existence in South Dakota where he grew up:

Kip remembers playing horseshoes when we camped here:

Nice shot!

View of the cabin on the hill, lovely spot:

Leland explaining how parts of the area were tested for gold, but they didn't find enough to make it worth mining:

We were staying in Deadwood along with the Bogles.  Testing out the go-cart track (photo from the top of Howie at the campground):

The street where Dad grew up:

And a view of the town of Deadwood:

Fun place to hang out for a few days!

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