Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hill City and Mount Rushmore

South Dakota sightseeing, continued.,.

Hill City is one of many cute little towns scattered throughout the touristy Black Hills.  Each town has its own charm and interesting sights.

In the case of Hill City, that includes the Teddy Bear Museum where there are a record number (Guiness-wise) of teddy bears.  The variety is incredible, not to mention how they are packed into a tiny little house.

It's Teddy!

Along with a bunch of other less-expected characters:

Love this:

Chainsaw art:

The Black Hills Institute across the street houses a bunch of older specimens:

That's right, I'm talkin' to you:

From Hill City, a drive through Custer State Park brought us within sight of Mount Rushmore:

One of the fun "pigtail bridges" that were needed to build some of these roads through the mountains:

If it wasn't so bright on the other end, you might see Mount Rushmore:

Ah, there it is!

The man with the vision:

A photo from "the making of Rushmore":

One of the models for the faces:

Now that's a better view.  I had seen this as a child but it never ceases to amaze:

The 4 faces in the middle are the best ones, but I'm also partial to the one on the right:

We stayed for the evening ceremony and lighting of the sculpture, very nice.

Just for good measure, a little "throwback Thursday" (wow, it actually is Thursday, not sure how that happened):

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