Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wind and Jewel Caves

I may never cease to be amazed by herds of buffalo.  The buffalo roaming around the plains of Wind Cave National Park look happy and healthy, and it's wonderful to see such amazing beasts doing well.

We drove through Wind Cave earlier in the day and saw 3 individual buffalo in the distance.  On the way back we saw another 3 individual buffalo in the distance.  Just as we were remaking that we must be seeing the same 3 and I guess that's all we would spot for the day, we came around a corner to this:

They attracted a crowd of onlookers in cars:

Marvelous Mr Buffalo:

They didn't seem to mind us:

Eventually I'll stop staring:


OK, now for the cave part of this post.  I tried my phone camera for some photos in Wind Cave and it seemed to work halfway decently:

Some of the "boxwork" that Wind Cave is famous for:

An excellent tour of a small portion of the extensive cave system:

Interesting features:

It's almost a map... to a treasure?

Jewel Cave on the other side of Custer looks completely different.  Wide cavernous rooms and blobby features:

It's hard to believe there is so much of this underground (and so much still to be discovered):

Not our finest moment in photogenic-ness, but it seems appropriate to close with this:

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