Monday, June 22, 2015

Backpacking in CO - part 1

Robyn and Cathy let us tag along on a backpacking trip in the San Juans!  They love tromping around in the Colorado mountains, we are doing a bit of overnight hiking this summer, and we all were excited to spend some time together.  We met at the Pine River trailhead above Vallecito Reservoir, a new area for us and a great place for backpacking.

A timer shot in the parking lot, along with a friendly guy who was going to take our group photo with Robyn's camera:

The water was running in all the creeks, lots of snowmelt.  We did a lot of log-walking and rock-hopping.  And Cathy generally elected to take off her boots and walk through in sandals:

A nice bridge near our lunch spot:

Happily it was a bridge over this fast-running creek:

Working our way up a pretty valley:

We're goofballs sometimes  :)

We found a beautiful waterfall to gawk at, and we set up camp within view of it (upstream from this spot):

Bendy tree and flexible John:

This time I remembered to get a photo of our tent:

Beautiful Colorado!

Nice aspen grove across the river:

Planning out a day hike on our excellent table:

Starting out on day 2, shedding layers as we warmed up:

Cairn monster:

Heading up Flint Creek trail (if I remember the name right), we found a bunch of trees that had been ravaged by beavers.

Hey beaver, are you going to do something with this tree or just leave it here like this?

It's almost like we scared them off in mid-chew:

More pretty scenery and a little waterfall:

Too many pictures for one post - to be continued...

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