Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bryce NP and the San Rafael Swell

We had a bit of time to explore Bryce NP after the race.  We really couldn't help it, the place is so amazing.  Even though I didn't feel much like trail running, we loved looking out over the amphitheaters of hoodoos.

It was still chilly:

And rainy.  But beautiful!

A solar installation going up at the visitor's center (go solar!):

Tug was in need of some rain after transporting John up a muddy road to my turn-around aid station.  Thank you Tug!

Driving across Utah through the San Rafael Swell - another nice overlook:

I love the phrase "An anticline of huge proportions"

Maybe this is part of the anticline:

It's a beautiful stretch of highway (I-70) through here:

I had a couple photos from the slick rock area above Moab (where we stayed for several excellent days) but the camera SD card finally died at that point.  Oh well, we'll just have to return to Moab sometime and get more pictures  :)  there are worse things to "have to do" !

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