Wednesday, June 3, 2015


John visited southern Utah with Randall in 2003, and they had found some really cool rock formations.  Since then he has been trying to figure out where they are.  No luck last time we came through here, although we saw some great toadstools.  However, this time a lady in the Kanab visitor center knew what John was asking about.  She directed us to Big Water and a 9-mile hike up a creek.  Time to go explore!

Starting up the big wide creek:

It's a low-water day:

First glimpses of the hoodoos:

Yep, these sure are cool!

The pinkest conglomerate I've ever seen:

Amazing how these erode, with the softer stone forming long columns under the hard cap:

John is feeling a bit hoodoo-y:

Lots of gawking and photo shooting:

Tiny hoodoos in the making:

John carried a flat rock around, looking for a particular hoodoo:

Here she is!  The Hoodoo Queen is still there and still fabulous:

John has grown considerably since 2003.  Or Randall's photo framing was better than mine:

Can't get enough of these beauties:

Worth a selfie:

John returning the flat rock to the creek (!):

Love the desert flowers, this one apparently a cactus growing in the middle of a bush:

Time for a run back!

Thank you hoodoos!

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