Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Scenes around Yosemite

A set of photos from around Yosemite - what a beautiful place!

One of our first views while driving in to the campground:

Thank you John Muir!!

One special highlight was attending an evening presentation by Shelton Johnson, a park ranger who we recognized from Ken Burns' National Parks show.  It was neat seeing him in person, and he put on a spectacular show about the Buffalo Soldiers, some of the first to protect the park.  Thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you Shelton!

Checking out the tree rings at the visitor center:

An Indian motorcycle donated to the museum:

The lovely path up to Lower Falls:

The cliffs above the falls, including a fin that looks like it might not stay up there forever:

A tree growing on the side of a rock face - ?

Yosemite Falls was dry (normal for this time of year), which is reason enough for us to come back again in the spring :)

A pathway for John:

The face of Half Dome:

Mirror Lake - obviously also dry at this point:

Cairn City:

El Capitan!

I biked out to the "Ask a Climber" afternoon event and got to chat with some climbers and ask questions.  There were several parties up on the wall and scopes were set out to look at what they were up to.  Many of them were climbing up the nose:

Examples of climbing gear:

A digi-scope attempt to check out a couple guys hanging out on their camping platform:

The other scope was set up to catch a glimpse of a couple of climbers.  Quite far away, but still easier than watching wolves:

Neat setup, what a great way to get a brief look at El Cap climbing.

On our way out, we stopped so John could see El Capitan (also note the great amount of smoke up the valley, definitely past time to leave):

El Cap in the morning light:

Such an amazing place!  We're excited to have many reasons to go back and visit again!

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