Thursday, August 20, 2009

On - not in - a Quandary

Danny came to visit us in Leadville for a couple days - yay!

We went rafting on the Arkansas River on Tuesday, choosing an intermediate trip down Brown's Canyon. The water is quite low right now, but the canyon rapids were still a lot of fun. Our guide would try different lines and find interesting ways around the rocks, so we were entertained and got splashed a couple times. Maybe next summer we'll come back for higher water - I'm getting braver with the rafting thing. It's just nice having someone else steering and making decisions, and those rafts can go over things you'd never consider taking a canoe through.

Yesterday we hiked up Quandary Peak for our 8th Colorado 14er. It was a very nice pre-race walk up a mountain on a beautiful day.

The start of the trail:

John showing us the type of step he helped build at Rocky Mountain NP during trail work week:

Blue Lakes in the background:

The top of the mountain in the distance:

We were joined by three mountain goats - how awesome to see them up close!

One even followed us a ways up the trail (looking for handouts? what would one feed a mountain goat, if one were so inclined, not that we were):

It was also our best day so far for pika (mountain mice) viewing - they were everywhere and much less shy than normal. Squeak, squeak! Some day I'll get a higher quality camera with a zoom lens, but for now:

More mountain goats:

This one was a poser:

Back to the business of getting to the top - almost there!

John immediately found a nice place for a nap:

We made it!

It was WAY windy at the top, so the "mountain man" pose had to wait until the way down:

Well done, Danny! Congratulations on reaching the top of another mountain - and getting back down again :)

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