Saturday, August 29, 2009

Transrockies part 2

We had an enjoyable week watching and helping at the Transrockies race. I was impressed with the organization and the staff, and their ability to take care of about 150 2-person teams for six days. We would volunteer there again.

Congratulations to all finishing teams!

I was glad we weren't on "bag duty" - those things weighed a ton:

The Vail camp location in Ford Park:

The tents were pretty easy to set up and take down - there were just so many of them:

Someone decided to get cute with the tent configuration:

Let sleeping bears lie...

Nancy and Valerie finishing day 5:


The start of day 6 in Vail:

Messing with Einstein:

A fox hanging around Beaver Creek (there were also several bears not far from the finish line!):

Valerie and Nancy finished - awesome!

This weekend we're cleaning up, doing laundry, all those "normal" chores that have to be done in between the fun stuff. On Monday we're taking Howie south for a quick visit to Great Sand Dunes NP. Then it's on to New Mexico with a brief detour to Las Vegas... It's really time for some heat acclimation!

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