Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Puerto Rico!

So I am way way WAY behind on blog posts.  But the good news is that I should have time in the coming days to catch up.  The downside is that I may have forgotten a lot of details by waiting this long.  That's actually a plus for you in that I might do less "blah blah blah" blabbering about everything.

Or not...

Starting from when we first landed in Puerto Rico - woo hoo!  What a fun (and warm) place to explore!  We began our tour with a few sights in Old San Juan.

One of our favorite coffee places (and there was plenty of excellent Puerto Rican coffee to go around) - Bad Ass Coffee that featured excellent Hawaiian roast as well:

One of a couple locations where pigeons get fed, and apparently this is a tourist attraction:

One of many pretty little streets with colorful houses.  This one happens to face down to the gate that opens through the city walls to the bay:

A look over the wall to the walkway:

The HUGE lawn of the El Morro fort:

Old San Juan post office (for Mom):

View up the coastline:

It was really windy the first couple days we were there.  We didn't see any nuns flying around though.

On the ferry to head across the bay and visit the Bacardi rum factory:

Giant bat mural at Bacardi:

Wind turbines at Bacardi - seems like a really good idea in a place like this:

Bat sculpture at Bacardi (their mascot/emblem):

Santa in a hammock!  Too funny.

Another post office:

Back in Old San Juan - the remains of a saint, covered with a costume and on display in the cathedral:

One of the narrowest houses in the world.  And possibly checkpoint-worthy??  We shall see...

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