Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter in Maryland

Coming back from Puerto Rico to Maryland was a bit of a transition...

It sure was pretty in Kathy and Bob's backyard!

Not quite cherry blossoms:

The local sledding hill was busy:

John took a moment to lament the shift in latitude:

Kathy had the most excellent idea to check out the light display at Brookside Gardens - and wow, what an incredible assortment of creatures and concepts and well-designed lights!  I wasn't sure the camera on my phone would capture it very well, but it didn't do half badly and I should have taken more pictures.

Loch Ness Monster in a loch:

Partway through the garden there was a building where we could get warm (good thing because it was pretty frigid outside).  We loved the train sets and all the detail around them:

Something of a group shot in low lighting:

Bird of Paradise:

Funny trees:

John trying to stay warm once we got back outside:

A huge rainbow, clouds with falling rain, colorful trees, and somewhere around there was a squirrel running up a tree:


And... time for hot chocolate!

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