Friday, December 27, 2013

The high point of Puerto Rico

While in Puerto Rico we were excited to rent a car for a few days so we could see more of the island.  Driving around was an experience.  Traffic laws are similar to those on the mainland, but the interpretation tends to be different.  We were never quite sure what to expect from other drivers, but John did get pretty good at adapting to that.  The weirdest thing is that the distances are measured in kilometers but the speed limits are in MPH...

Our first day of driving we headed immediately up, up as far as we could go.  That put us on some fun little jungle roads weaving through tons of vegetation:

Clouds were closing in at the very top of the mountains, but we had a few views as we parked and started walking up an even smaller road:

We could see the ocean in the distance:

Making our way past the radio towers:

I posted some pictures here:

And these are my favorites from the top:

On the way down the other side of the mountains we saw lots more vegetation including bamboo.  I wish we had gotten a photo of the banana plants too.

We stopped briefly in Ponce at the art museum.  A few of the pieces that we saw:

Slaying a Dragon, in two parts:

Love the scenery:

The highlight piece in the museum:

Maybe she's working on a blog post:

A fun way to start the Days of Driving in Puerto Rico!

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