Wednesday, February 19, 2014

California training

I set off to explore several parks in the Bay Area and beyond.  I spent a few hours on the trails at Wunderlich Park.  The greenery and shade were nice companions.

Next I drove partway up Mount Diablo and got out to finish the climb on foot.  Check out the giant pine cone!

The view from the trail:

Site of a previous mountain house:

Site of a previous fire:

And the top!  It was a good solid climb to break up a drive out to Auburn.

Lovely views from up high:

The Mount Diablo Beacon:

I spent the weekend in the Foresthill area, mostly running down into canyons to find rivers at the bottom and then speed-hiking back up.

Kids don't float!  Wait, they don't?

One of the steep roads up from a branch of the American River:

Another branch, another drop down:

I believe this is (or is close to) the site of the Western States 100 river crossing:

Fun exploring the Western States Trail:

Another day, another trail down to the river.  My biggest training day to date was repeats on the Mumford Bar Trail.  I finally located some winter snow.  I can't say I'm missing the current conditions in Albany...

This was mostly to show the large tree, but some vegetation got in the way.  Yes, I got closer to Barkley-specific training that day.

Looking toward the other side of the deep canyon:

Phew, that wore me out a little!  So far, so good.

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