Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Muir Woods and Mt Tam

Time to get to "work"...

Kip ran with me up a mountain at San Pedro park as a warm-up, then the next day I drove to Muir Woods (across the Golden Gate Bridge!).  There are many miles of trails leading out from there in various directions and it was fun exploring part of that network.

Love the big trees!

Muir Woods is an amazing place.

A boardwalk path into the forest:

An actual part of the trail:

After ooh-ing and ahh-ing my way through Muir Woods, I climbed up and over to a more open area:

Part of the Dipsea race course, neat!

And back down into the enchantment:

Breaking back out into the grasslands toward Stinson Beach:

The Pacific Ocean!

Beach shot:

Up another trail, more fantastic trees and moss:

Yay for a fun training day!

Up higher, looking over a big layer of clouds and some steep meadows for a bit of "climb straight up" training:

Site of the first mountain play:

For John  :)

Toward the top of Mt Tam:

Loved the views from up there:

And... back down toward Muir Woods:

A nice long day to start off a good week of California training!

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