Friday, February 21, 2014

More from the Googleplex

I had a super time checking out more of the Google campus with Kip.  Looks like a really great place to work!

Not to mention, they have a Google Gate Bridge:

Kip trounced me at ping pong, as usual (also Ms Pac Man in the "play everything for free!" arcade, although I held my own at foosball).  If only we had had a ping pong table in the dorm at RPI...

Kip's Android collection, adorable:

A flamingo-eating-T-Rex?

Someone has a bathroom sense of humor!

A random "What is this?" photo - let me know if you figure it out (I had the benefit of seeing one in use, so I can give you the answer if you want):

Heck of a herd of Google bikes!

Hey, it's the conference bike!  Too cool:

A fleet of electric cars:

Congrats on making it to "Googler", Kip!

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