Sunday, February 23, 2014

Marcy on a Mission

My last couple days of training in CA... I sure got a lot done while I was there and it was an excellent trip, not just for training but to spend time with Kip.  Thanks Kip!

While driving back from Auburn I noticed some steep hills on the east side of the Bay, so I checked out some maps and found a park with Mission Peak in the middle.  Turned out to be a most excellent spot for some steep uphill work and a long climb.

Open fields looking across the park:

These look like squirrels that live in the ground, so I will call them ground squirrels.  I just checked, and apparently they really are California Ground Squirrels, what do you know.

Heading up for some excellent views of the entire area (when the clouds clear):

I could see other peaks that I had previously climbed, so it was fun remembering all the running around of the previous 10 days.  Here is mostly a view of the clouds, not sure what the distant ridge is:

On one of my ascents a squirrel was making an insistent and repeated call, so I looked up to see a coyote wandering around checking out the burrows.  He's at the top of the ridge here, not exactly cooperating for a good photo but at least he didn't run off:

Another long shot of the coyote.  Very cool:

Cows littering the pasture:

One of the many great views:

Trees that I should know what they are... Eucalyptus maybe?

Wonderful rolling hills to the east:

Clouds rolling over and around us:

Summit post:

Love the Mission Peak park!

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