Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A day in oHIo

Time to move west, this time through Ohio where we spent a day perusing Roadside America attractions on our way to Campbell Hill.

Zanesville Ohio had some neat stuff, so we went for a little run through town.  Zane Grey is from the area, but the town was named that long before he was born (it's actually named after one of his ancestors).

These sheep are first in a line of sidewalk sculptures:

And the rest of them:


The town features a "Y-Bridge" with 3 roads coming over a river confluence and meeting in the middle.  Difficult to get a decent photo, but fun to run across:

Nice day for a run:

Eternal flame memorial near the river:

Oops, more flames, hopefully these are not so eternal:

A field of corn...?  On the NW side of Columbus:

Fun dancing rabbits in a park:

We didn't quite beat the sunset to our highpoint destination, but at least we had a streetlamp and camera flash to illuminate some photos.

Welcome to the highest spot in Ohio!

A most excellent summit certificate:

John can't face another historical marker:

The USGS marker and maybe something else used to be here?  We got down for a better look:

Hi, Hi Point!

Nearby, a lizard looks on - ?

#36 in our highpoint quest!

A quick trip through Bellefontaine to see the oldest concrete street in America!

Here it is:

Oh, and also the "world's shortest street" although apparently not so much anymore:

A dark shot of our truck on the short street:

We spent the night at a campsite in Lake Loramie State Park, very nice.  Resting up for another day and another state, stay tuned.

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