Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A piece of Indiana - who's yer hill?

We took a detour a short way into Indiana to see a couple things.  Well, one thing in particular, but along the way it was fun to find other interesting items.

OH wait, we're not quite out of Ohio yet, but it's the next morning so I started a new blog post.  On the way to the border we came across Annie Oakley's grave.  Well, that's something different.  Another nice Ohio historical marker as well:

OK, now into Indiana for real, up and up (not really) to the top of Hoosier Hill, another highpoint!

In the mailbox we found directions on how to get here.  Funny in itself.  More interesting is the note at the top that states "Indiana's High Point Is Wayne County's Hoosier Hill" - was there any question about that?  Maybe there's a back story we're unaware of.  Or maybe someone just decided to underline and italicize the "Is" without thinking how it might sound.

Now I've gone on way too long about a formatting question, sorry, where were we?

Ah yes, back to the mailbox - these are some nice ones, neat to see them at our recent highpoints:

Also the benches we have been finding more and more in the past year (well, except at places like the tops of Borah and Boundary, of course):

Trying to get low, although we aren't all that high to begin with:

Wave your feet in the air like you just don't care...

Terrible choice of highpoint for a seated yoga pose; it's not very meditative trying to balance on the top of a pointy rock:

I had a bit better luck with planking, sort of:

View from up high:

#37, woo hoo!

Fun little stop in Richmond, IN to check out one mural; we ended up finding a bunch of them and all of them are great:

I thought the flying pig was in Ohio:

Here's the one we came for, quite elaborate and the cat looks totally unfazed about the whole "being dropped out of a window" thing:

Nice bike mural:

Kind of reminds me of the Banksy style but more upbeat (complete with shadows! can you tell which one is John?):

And... not really sure what this is:

Yay Timmy!  It's good to see you again, it has been too long:

And one last oddity captured by John as we were driving by - then we saw one later too, these tire frog things seem to be getting around:

Thanks Indiana, that was fun and we'll be back!

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