Sunday, November 1, 2015


It has been quite a few years since I've visited Gettysburg and I've been wanting to go back, so I dragged John to yet another Civil War battlefield.

Roadside America describes this as "Perry Como and Abe Lincoln," a little bit of lightheartedness in downtown Gettysburg before we start on the scenes of people trying to kill each other:

The (relatively) new Cyclorama exhibit is quite something to see, complete with lighting and voiceover effects:

It's a giant circular painting showing Pickett's charge:

Love the 3-D extensions into the circular room we were standing in:

What do you think, Mr. Lincoln, is the beard anything close to yours?

Touring battlefields and admiring large monuments:

Requisite cannons:

Eternal Peace Memorial, we can always dream:

View of town from the top of a tower:

Admiring a tree-like memorial:

An even larger viewing tower (getting our stair workouts in):

View toward the Round Tops:

A different angle on a cannon:

The field below Little Round Top:

Gouverneur K. Warren, hero of Little Round Top for noticing it was undefended and getting troops in place in time:

Finishing the day on a different note - a self-guided tour of a potato chip factory :)

We are almost (at least in "blog time") to our eastern destination, fitting a lot into these 3 crazy weeks of travel!

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