Monday, November 2, 2015

Parents in DC - part 2

We picked up Mom at the airport, yay Mom!  Still can't get over the convergence of all of us at the same place on the same weekend.  Awesome.

We spent a wonderful afternoon wandering around a large hanger, and we'll never get enough of Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum.

Nor will I ever get enough of looking at shuttles:

We had a fabulous tour guide who took us all around the place and told amazing stories.

The Airstream that was also an astronaut quarantine module:

It's hard to see, but R2D2 is hanging out on the edge of the model ship from Close Encounters of the Third Kind - he appears in the movie too:

FedEx, changing the way packages are delivered:

PanAm, an earlier pioneer:

Then it was time for a group supper of Mediterranean food and ice cream, most excellent.

On Sunday Kathy and Bob joined us downtown for more sightseeing, starting with the National Archives and then walking across the street to National Gallery for some art and some lunch:

More airplanes for Jerry - and if we're going to see airplanes, we really have to visit the Wright Flyer in the other part of the Air and Space Museum:

The Spirit of St Louis is flying again!  Last time we were here it was being restored:

The orange X-1 that Chuck Yeager flew as the first to break the sound barrier in 1947:

A brief visit to the Museum of the American Indian and a chance to make funny faces  :)

Intricate beadwork, including names of native American tribes:

Fascinating shape at the top of the open atrium:

Jerry admiring the prism-induced lighting from the windows across the way:

After dropping the Beard parents off at the train station, we went for a walk with Mom to see some things that are new since her stay in DC for Peace Corps training 50 years ago.  We found Kilroy hiding at the WWII Memorial (thank you Kathy for telling us about this)!  Also, John is rocking the double hoodie/hat combo, I just noticed that:

Always great to say hello to Mr. Lincoln:

A closer look at the Korean War Memorial:

Mom hanging out with Fala, FDR's dog:

It was a wonderful few days with family and an unforgettable trip!

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