Monday, July 13, 2009

Aid station prep

On Wednesday Ann and I met our horse guys and walked from Little Molas Lake on the Colorado Trail almost 3 miles and then across a mile on a game trail to show them our aid station location (Putnam Basin).

The horses were ready to go:

Mike and Ed loading the saddle bags with a few things we could leave out in the woods (although the marmots did demolish the green bag holding the table):

Back in town, we saw this lady getting the Hardrock ready for action:

An amazing finish line chute:

Our aid station fare piled up in the gym:

Mike bringing the pack horses to Putnam with the rest of our stuff:

Our aid station on Friday afternoon - ready for Karl! Well, almost ready. First we get to sleep for several hours.

I brought my camera to the aid station intending to document parts of the race, but it turned out that we were so busy and focused when each runner came through that no one really stepped back to take pictures. I'll write up some notes about our experience in the next post... stay tuned.

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