Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random photos

A couple people sent some fun photos from Hardrock, plus I've collected a few from around Denver this past week.

John doing the "Top of the Mountain" pose on Handies Peak during course marking (thanks Andy!):

The Putnam aid station crew after the race was over (thanks Ann!):

We rode around Denver for a day, connecting various bike paths - Denver has some awesome bike paths! You can ride for miles and miles on them. And then sit on a bench to rest:

Steve let us borrow his canoe for a couple tours around Cherry Creek reservoir (thanks Steve!). Gator Bait rode really well on top of Tug:

We went up to Red Rocks for the Movie on the Rocks and an attempt at a Guiness record for the world's largest music lesson. It's a gorgeous setting up in the hills:

The Lykins family - very talented - also brought some percussion instruments for us to fool around with (thanks Jerri Lind!). We had a great time!

A couple more days in Denver and then we're back up in the mountains - heading to Leadville for some more altitude training. July has been an awesome month!

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