Monday, July 13, 2009

HRH trail marking - day 6

Our final day of trail marking: From Governor aid station up to Virginius Pass and back.

I had been up on Virginius last year, climbing up from Telluride with John Cappis for trail marking. I had looked down the other side but declined to slide down the snow at that time. This year I figured I better learn the other (harder) side of the pass.

A pretty little creek near the aid station:

A large group of people were interested in seeing this section of the course:

Climbing the snow up the first pitch:

Larry demonstrating what the rock we were sitting on would see if anyone got out of control coming down pitch #2:

An interesting ridge off to the west and a section of scree that ended at the top of a cliff (this should end an argument I have been having with John about THAT possibility):

The route up the last pitch to the pass:

One of the first "sliders" coming back down the top pitch:

John watching people slide down the snow before doing it not just once, but twice (he retrieved a trekking pole someone had dropped on their way down, then came back up to help me over the edge - what a husband!):

Leonard shooting video:

Joe and Joyce:

A gorgeous view, with Bridal Veil Falls barely visible:

Charlie explaining where the course went from there down toward Telluride:

Joyce starting her slide down:

Yes, I slid down, no, it wasn't too difficult after all, just very cold. I enjoyed being able to lean back for once instead of having to "stand up straight" for everything else we do in the mountains (climbing, descending, traversing) - almost relaxing! Except for the snow in your shorts...

A view of Teakettle and the ropes section from PQ 2002 across the way:

Another amazing day!

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