Friday, July 10, 2009

Hardrock Live!

The race is on! The Hardrock 100 kicked off at 6 am today in Silverton, CO. Just shoot me for not having my camera at the start to show you a photo (it's already packed in my hiking bags).

The first runners have reached Cunningham at around 8 am. We're about to head up there to see if they have a couple extra bottles of Coke we could snag for our aid station. Maybe we'll catch a couple of the last runners coming through. Then we won't see them for a very long time.

Later today we'll be hiking in to our aid station (Putnam) with a horse train to hang out for a couple nights. No internet access for us! But we'll get to hear the juicy details via ham radio.

Anyone who wants to follow the race can check the "Hardrock Live!" link from this page:

We're rooting for a bunch of folks we've met over the past couple of weeks. Austinites - keep an eye on Joe Prusaitis! Go Joe :)


Kipley Fiebig said...

So I'm going to assume that Joe Prusatis finished unofficially, since it shows him leaving your aid station but doesn't list a finishing time for him. I suppose that would be because he came in after the 6 o'clock cutoff? Still, very impressive for this most challenging 100 miler.

Marcy said...

Kip - that is correct. Joe knew he didn't quite have time to get to the finish line before 6 am, but he was still moving well and trying to get to a warm bed as fast as he could. He crossed Mineral Creek at 6 am, got to the finish line about 40 minutes later. An impressive "course completion"!