Monday, July 13, 2009

HRH trail marking - day 4

Day 4 (for us): Arrastra Gulch to Maggie's, a l-o-n-g day, and hence, a large # of photos...

Joe, Jennifer, Ann, and Andy:

The mine above Arrastra:

Some trail work (thanks guys!):

Ann near the top of the first (and highest) pass:

John coming up after finishing the first bit of trail work:

"Snow work" on the traverse at the top (probably all melted by race morning):

Cunningham aid station way down below:

The Gospel According to Charlie (The Book of Wildflowers):

Crossing the creek into Cunningham:

James and Joe know how to optimize their wait time:

Looking back where we came down:

Heading up the next valley:

And down...and up...and down...

Cramming into the back of Jim's pickup for a ride down (7 in the back) - maybe should have run down instead! Lots of good learning on this trip:

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