Monday, July 13, 2009

HRH trail marking - day 1

It may soon be clear from the multitude of blog posts exactly why I wasn't keeping up with them the past two weeks - too much amazing scenery, too much hiking, not to mention too little electricity in Howie. We tried "dry camping" (without hook-ups) for 10 days at a site along Mineral Creek close to Silverton. We learned some important things in the process, met a wonderful guy named Bill at the auto repair shop, had our battery recharged for us twice, and are now proud owners of our first 2 solar panels!

Howie and Tug at the campground before the July 4 crowd started piling in around us:

OK, on to Hardrock trail marking! The first day started at Ophir Pass and finished on the other side of Grant-Swamp. A very interesting first day... soon we'd learn that EVERY course marking day is interesting in various ways.

Looking over at Oscar's Pass from Ophir Pass - part of the 2002 PQ course (final trek):

Charlie entertaining us with information and stories - always fun to listen to:

The first course marker placed in 2009:

Grant-Swamp Pass:

Waterfalls on the way up to the pass:

John with marking flags, looking up to the pass:

Lots of snow on course marking day, which made it an "easy" climb. Much harder during the race when I believe it was mostly scree:

John may balance on the highest rock around, but I ain't no mountain goat:

Snow sliding was fun!

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