Monday, July 13, 2009

Mesa Verde - Wetherill Mesa & Far View Sites

Backtracking and catching up!

I think I left off with our last bit of time at Mesa Verde before coming to Silverton...

The cultural center in Cortez has a free program every night. We got to see some Native American dancing - an amazing show! Here is the father dancing while his two sons look on:

Back to Mesa Verde the next day. An area that was burned in a forest fire a couple years ago:

We spent some time on Wetherill Mesa ("the quiet side of Mesa Verde"), including taking an excellent tour of the Long House:

Another view from inside the Long House cliff dwelling:

Step House, including a reproduction of an older type of shelter built into the floor (in the background):

The Long House from across the valley:

A multi-room dwelling as part of the Far View Sites:

An inscription in a stone at Far View Sites:

An interesting reservoir that is believed to have held a lot of water (also at Far View Sites):

Another awesome National Park that I highly recommend!

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