Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coming down

Let's see, where have we been? Last post was from a remote aid station above Silverton... OK, got it:

We got a couple hours sleep while waiting for the last runners to make it down to the finish line (great job, y'all!), then we slowly packed up and hiked out in time to catch most of the awards ceremony. We managed to drop off most of the aid station food/gear at the gym before collapsing in our own beds. Phew!

After a day of cleaning and drying camping stuff, we drove out Tuesday to visit our friends Markus and Brandi in Eagle. We were a bit antsy to do some actual running ourselves, so Markus showed us some of the local trails. A couple days of home-cooked vegetarian food, some beautiful weather, excellent company, and some fun games of Rummikub, and it was over too quickly.

Time to get down to Denver where it's "only" about 5000 feet in elevation. We'll be here until the end of July, visiting friends and family, running and biking and paddling, and restocking supplies before going to Leadville for the month of August. We're staying with our friend Danny in his beautiful new house. Always a fun time in Denver!

After a day of scouting (basically trying to remember everything we saw downtown last summer), we were sort of ready for another urban race yesterday. Urban Dare came to town and we were trying to finish first in order to win a race cruise next February. We had an excellent support crew assembled, including 2 friends on bikes and 14 relatives from Texas and Colorado who came to town to watch.

It was fun! And the course was short enough that I was able to mostly breathe most of the time.

In the end, we got to the finish line first, barely beating out the team that won this race last year. Yay! Thank you to everyone who helped and cheered us on!

Today involves hanging out with everyone, and I think there may be some food :)

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