Monday, July 13, 2009

HRH trail marking - day 2

Day 2: From Kamm Traverse aid station back toward Silverton...

Smiling Sue, with John messing around in the background:

Charlie telling tales to Jeff and Jennifer:

One of the sections without a trail - therefore we go straight up, of course!

Geology is cool:

At the site of our aid station (Putnam), John couldn't resist starting work. Here he is clearing branches off a log to make a bench for runners to sit on:

On the way down toward Silverton - I love this sign! Never did find the "End" though:

A couple of Columbines:


The Mineral Creek crossing (the most interesting part of this section) - I heard the water was lower by race day:

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Anonymous said...

Hey John and Marcy,
Your pictures and account of the Hardrock experience is awesome!!!! Thanks for capturing my trek across Mineral Creek....Can you tell I was scared sh**less? With your encouragement form the trail marking days, I was able to "kill the coward" within and make it over Virginius Pass into Telluride, pacing JJ. He is already talking about next year's race!
Can't wait to see you at the Trans Rockies run!!!!