Friday, July 4, 2008

Back in PQ country

Wednesday evening and most of the day Thursday we drove out of Montana, through Idaho (a new state for us!), Utah, and into Colorado. Howie is now parked at a KOA near Ouray for a couple days, then we'll move to Silverton on Sunday when they have space open for us.

We drove over to Silverton today for a 10K race and July 4th parade. Kip had dredged up the PQ-Telluride map for us before we left Austin, and it has been such fun comparing the 2002 CP/TA locations to the terrain around us. We also have a much better appreciation for our crew's description of Million Dollar Highway (you think they could have afforded some guardrails!).

On our drive over this morning, we saw the sun come up on this spot up in the mountains above us (minus the racers):

Silverton also looks like I remember it (from the last time through on bikes, departing town in duckies). Next week we'll be in Telluride, also looking forward to that :)

More later - time for bed!

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Robyn said...

thanks marcy for the bloggin'...i have been totally addicted to the PQ stuff! hope the TX nomads are having fun. see ya' robyn