Monday, July 14, 2008

Grant-Swamp Pass

John and I went hiking today :)

He took me up from Mineral Creek campground on the Ice Lake trail until we found the HRH course. Then he showed me one of the many creek crossings from the race:

Can you pick out the grouse in this photo? I walked right by but John pointed him out. The grouse watched us and very slowly tried to tiptoe away, cautious step by cautious step - very funny.

Above tree line on the HRH course:

Island Lake - awesome!

Looking over at Oscar's Pass and the infamous mining road across the valley to the north:

The scree field on the north side of Grant-Swamp Pass - I haven't been on scree in several years, and it wasn't easy, but I made it down and back up. Yay! John says if I can handle this, I can handle the rest of the course. Step 1 complete (many more steps to go!) :)

I love San Juan Mountain scenery! Reminds me of the Alps...

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