Saturday, July 12, 2008

HRH - Finish Line - Rock On John!

After leaving Cunningham I came back to Silverton and cleaned up a bit of gear in Howie, posted the previous blog item, and decided I better get over to the finish line just in case John did something freaky like run the last leg really fast. I watched a couple guys finish, then sat in the shade to wait. Usually the spectators in the street would call "runner coming" when they spotted someone 3 blocks away, but suddenly they just started cheering and I thought "uh oh" - lo and behold, he comes John around a parked car! Every aid station I saw him from at least 1/4 mile out, but I barely had time to capture this picture of him heading for the rock:

A kiss for the Hardrock!

John had an INCREDIBLE climb over Dives-Little Giant pass, bombed the downhill, and passed about 5 people on the way from the final aid station. Awesome job, John!!

Now he's asleep :)

Congratulations John Beard #106 from Austin TX, 18th place finisher out of 141 starters!!


Robyn said...

John Beard, have I told you you are my idol???
Way to go and great support Marcy. Thanks again for giving me a good excuse to sit at my computer!

Kipley Fiebig said...

48 hours? We don't need no stinkin' 48 hours!

Yay, Super-John!