Sunday, July 20, 2008


We climbed to the highest point in Colorado today!

Mount Elbert (not far from Leadville) - 14,433 ft

It was a beautiful day for a hike.

On the way up, with Markus and Brandi:

On the last bit toward the top:

Awesome views from the top:

"Official" highpoint photo:

4-person selfie:

Historical info: :)
Highpoint #1 = Vermont (Mount Mansfield, 4,393 ft, 9/28/00)
Highpoint #2 = Texas (Guadalupe Peak, 8,749 ft, 2/19/08)
Highpoint #3 = Hawaii (Mauna Kea, 13,796 ft, 4/12/08)
Highpoint #4 = Colorado (Mount Elbert, 14,433 ft, 7/20/08)


Anonymous said...

Makes me jealous!

Rooney said...

Small world, we just left Vail Sat july 19th after a week of mtb and white water rafting with the kids. wondering who from Austin we would run into and there John Moellenburg who planed to summit on the Sat.. BTW if you need to relax check out the glenwood canyon Hot springs and pool, only $9 after 9, and a cool drive to them.