Saturday, July 12, 2008

HRH - Cunningham AS

Almost home!

John obviously made it fine over Handies last night, and continues to move at a great pace today (even though he is still saying he is climbing "slowly"). The hills are less relentless in the last portion of the race, and John hasn't fallen asleep yet - or at least not for very long.

He looked great coming down the hill to the aid station! It was wonderful to see him. He seems a bit tired (imagine that!) but is still responding lucidly to all my questions. I sent him on his way with a light pack (water bottle, SPIZ bottle, Go-Lite jacket, spare pair of socks, and 2 Gu's). Looking forward to seeing him finish in a couple hours!

Some photos...

Rob Youngren (in green) at Cunningham AS, who ran into Ouray with John yesterday evening, and who smoked the last half of the course to finish in 10th place:

John flying down the hill to the aid station:

Look Ma, I finished yet another serving of Gookinaid:

John heading up the last big climb (I forgot my camera while walking him out, had to run back to get it, so he's only just a red dot in this photo):

Looks like he should make his goal of finishing by dark!

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DaveB said...

Go John!! only a few miles left. i will run about that far tomorrow and see how it feels (forget the first 90+ miles for me)