Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Denver scouting

Howdy from the Mile High City!

There seems to be a lot more air here than the last time we came through :) although we'll see if that opinion holds come race-day on Saturday.

We will be doing the Great Urban Race (GUR) in Denver. It's a clue-based race where you run around the city in teams of two, finding checkpoints and collecting photos and scavenger hunt items. It will be our first GUR, and we're looking forward to it.

But first we need to learn some things about the city. We are staying with our friend Danny and he has been on scouting trips with us this week, first in the car and today on bikes. Fun!

Some public art pieces along the 16th St Mall:

Clocks outside the very-cool REI store - the one in front is for Mount Elbert (CO highpoint) and the back one is for Kilimanjaro:

The inside of the store is impressive (that big structure is a climbing wall):

Danny looked good on our bike ride today. We rode for most of the day and clocked 25 miles - well done, Danny!

A giant sculpture outside the Performing Arts Complex:

Another big sculpture inside the Complex:

More scouting tomorrow - it's amazing how much time we can waste, I mean spend, roaming around a city looking at interesting things.

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Kipley Fiebig said...

Excellent! Surely by now you've seen all the checkpoints that will be used in the Denver race, leaving your support crew with nothing to do but tell jokes on race day!